Exercise for creativity

Reading various books and watching interesting movies
Writing stories, poems, articles, or blogs
Drawing, painting, photography, or creating artworks
Solving puzzles, riddles, crosswords, or intellectual games
Learning a new language, instrument, dance, or sport
Participating in discussion groups, workshops, or educational classes
Doing daily tasks in different and new ways
Doing imaginative exercises, such as imagining oneself in different situations
Doing breathing exercises, meditation, or yoga
Doing brain exercises, such as using different hands or eyes Doing physical exercises, such as walking, running, or swimming
Doing laughter exercises, such as watching comedy, listening to jokes, or laughing artificially
Doing positive thinking exercises, such as writing lists of good things, expressing gratitude, or showing love
Doing self-awareness exercises, such as writing memories, dreams, or goals
Doing self-acceptance exercises, such as appreciating oneself, choosing suitable clothes, or doing personal care
Doing social exercises, such as talking to friends, participating in group activities, or helping others
Doing review exercises, such as accepting criticism, acknowledging mistakes, or learning from experiences Doing evaluation exercises, such as setting criteria, measuring progress, or celebrating.

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